Carlos Antonio Lopez
By Joshua Carr

Carlos Antonio Lopez was born November 4th 1790 and died September 10th 1862. He was from a big family and was one of eight children .He was and educated man and went to school at the Colegio Seminario de San Carlos. After his schooling he went on to faculty to study law and stated becoming popular among people. Carlos Antonio Lopez was declared President by the congress in 1844.

He was the one who started the trade and dealings with Brazil and Argentina, when he did this he made it so that Paraguay's independence was established and recognized by those countries and other ones as well. One thing that he forgot to do was establish boundaries for Paraguay, and because of this he began to feel afraid of the great nation of Brazil. To make sure that the powerful nation of Brazil did not take over he created a very large army of eighteen thousand men, the biggest army in South American in this time period, to battle in case of countries wanting to take the land from Paraguay. The army may have had the most men in an army in South America, but it was not that good of a military and as a whole.

During the presidency-dictatorship of Carlos Antonio Lopez there were not many freedoms for people, but there were more freedoms than there were under the former ruler José Rodriguez Francia. Lopez was took part in putting people in charge of making educational institutions. He did this to better the country of Paraguay. It did help and raised the literacy rate in Paraguay. He wanted there to cultural growth, and also for the economy of the country to rise. It has been said that over 500 people were executed or tortured to death during the reign of Carlos Lopez. Even some among the people were some of his brothers and sisters.

Before he was elected president he was the secretary where his goal was to make sure that the government or the country does not fall. During his presidency (dictatorship) a big part of it was opening up Paraguay and modernizing it. He ended Paraguay's isolation, put down a foundation so that the country could start being prosperous, and also he kept its independence. Lopez was very powerful and he was in control of the entire government system. And with the help of controlled elections, he stayed in power until he died.

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