A History of Paraguay
By Baruja, Paiva & Pinto

Chapter 19

In coincidence, probably by destine, thousands of village people approach those same plazas; but with other objectives. The request of canceling the debts of the agriculturists. Before the event, and after formalizing conditions, they pledged to the demonstrators, forming a human barrier even more cohered and strong. To this workers joined, to whose main workers union, called an indefinite strike, until the resign o separation of the charge of Cubas. He was accused of protecting a violent and totalitarian fraction like of the oviedism.

Cornered even more, Oviedo, maintaining the control of the police, whose commanders responded to their mandates, ordained a non-mercy attack with all the elements with which it disposed itself. Wagons of water, irritating gases, balls of rubber, mounted police; bodies of crashes, and all kind of mechanism were launched and made against the multitude, which confronted the situation stoically.

The impossibility of clearing the plaza to introduce its patriots, the most absurd and tormented political action was applied. Between its patriots, that confronted the multitude in the murals, with bombs and all kind of terminable objects, the night of Friday of Pains (Catholic Liturgics) was coming, of march 26, distributed individuals with weapons, strategically in distinct locations and in high buildings, and impulse the direct attack of these demonstrators. With these snipers shooting in discretion, killing and wounding a multitude of people it was thought that it would dissolve the multitude and it would made them disperse, and be horrified; o better, that it would produce their so popular waiting revolt. No back ups were there, it extended the forces towards its patriots, seeing clearly in live the television transmissions like these (police), also formed part of that abominable action in favor of the oviedistas.

While the bullets were in the air, it was indescribable the sensation in the place, in the middle of explosions, of the smoke of the bombs, of the barricades and the sound of the ambulances, it was heard clearly, frenetic, tireless and incessant music play of the bells of the Metropolitana Cathedral of Asuncion; with its injurious and crying campana ring, they wrapped the brave youth gracefully, they put something in front of their bodies, and gave their lives as an offering, maintaining the human murals before the attack of the assassins; some falling before the fire of the inhumane criminals. This was also becoming an improvised place of attention of the wounded people of the murals. It was a horrible scene, where Paraguayan brothers were killing other Paraguayans for political positions.

Even before the bullets, the young people more than anybody, stayed safe while the event was transmitted live by the chains of television, where the international community was seeing with amazement and stupor, the falling of the dead and wounded to the demonstrators, and how the killers were shooting at the unprotected multitude before the look of the police accomplices.

Not even the police could handle the demonstrators that were showing to be more determined in every attack of the authorities; in despite of using all their resources, they couldn’t get rid of the multitude that bravely confronted them.

In the last gesture Cuba, tried to fill the plaza with tanks from the cavalry. He ordered to bring an important contingent all the way from the city of Cerrito, 70 kilometers from Asuncion.

During the journey, coming in to Asuncion, the citizenship of any social status, interpose their vehicles, to lessen the march, to make it harder for the displacement of these combat tanks, that were to shoot to intimate the people to be able to advance. In the surrounding of the plaza murals and patrols were created, where people, young and old, put their bodies, vehicles, and all kind of elements in their reach to avoid the tanks to get to the plazas. Every sector of the combative spectrum of the nation, cheered, assisted, and fought firmly with the slogan of not abandoning. Under this compromise, the multitude refolded towards the Cathedral of Asuncion, using its ceiling as shelter, and through the open support of the ecclesial and pastoral class, they maintained firm in the watch out of the upcoming events.

Meanwhile, the Political Trial, initiated by the House of Representatives, that was approved on the 24 all of a sudden, historically and adjust vote by two thirds of the necessary votes, continued in the House of Senators which received the discharges to the imputations, and kept on inexorably the procedures for the destitution of Cubas. Seeing that the circumstances were becoming more unfavorable, he agreed to a forced negotiation with the Senate, with the International Community through its ambassadors and the presidential heads of the Mercosur.

He presented his resign, acquired parliamentary jurisdiction, and asked political asylum to Brazil, where he went to refuge; while Oviedo escaped to Argentina, where he also obtained political asylum thanks to the argentine president Carlos Menem of whom he is friend and “commercial” partner.

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