Jose Felix Estigarribia
By David Cheng

Jose Felix Estigarribia Insaurralde, a Paraguayan native, born in Caraguatay in February 21, 1888, was perhaps one of Paraguay’s most memorable both war hero, and President for the liberal party. Well educated and trained, Estigarribia joined the National Army in the year 1910 and was sent to both Chile and France for more training. When the Chaco War broke out at the year 1928, Estigarribia was given the authority to command Paraguay’s first Infantry division. Then as the war went on later in the year he
was promoted from colonel to brigadier general, later he became commander in chief of all armed forces of Paraguay. He led the Paraguayans to many significant victories over Bolivia.

When the Chaco War ended at the year 1935, he became at the time one of the most famous war hero’s. When President Eusubio Ayala got overthrown during 1939 by the Febrerista, Estigarribia was elected to be President on August 15, 1939 on a four term deal.

During the Chaco War, he lead the Paraguayan national Army into victories and in some case some supremely victories out of the enemies hands. It was also because of his military strategies and his braveness that gave Paraguay the hope of making it through the hard times of the long Chaco War.

Paraguay in the Chaco War, unlike Bolivia, relied heavily on their military experts. It was at this time that Estigarribia stood up along with many other great heroes that gave Paraguay the advantage over Bolivian forces. Estigarribia first gain experience in combat cause he had been a volunteer for the French army during the World War I. As a result, he became a profession in the arts of war.

Unfortunately, on September 7, 1940, just one year after his presidency term, he vanished in a plane crash along with his wife. It was believe that he was dead after the plane crash which was believe also to have left no survivors.

Even though Estigarribia had been only a one year president for Paraguay, but to many Paraguayans heart, Jose Felix Estigarribia was and will remain as a forever hero cause of his military leadership despite of his presidency term. Even when people don’t know him really well during his presidency, many Paraguayan’s admire his role as being the one of the top leaders of the nation. His hard work, willingness, and determination will remain forever in each of everyone Paraguayan.

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