Alejo Garcia
By Alisan Fu

Alejo Garcia initially started out as a member of the second expedition of Juan Diaz Solis after failing to explore parts of Argentina, Rio de la Plata, Uruguay later indirectly involving Paraguay. Since Solis was killed by the Indians the expedition had failed, they named the estuary Rio de Solis and headed back to Spain. Garcia one of the members wasn't satisfied. He decided to come back on a second expedition. On his way back he was shipwreck on an island near Brazil called Santa Catalina. Since Garcia knew how to speak the Indian language Guarani he was able to communicate with the native Indians on the island. He learned from the Indians about an Indian leader called "El Rey Blanco" meaning "The White King:" who lived in the far west and had possession of large amount of riches such as gold and silver.

Garcia could not let this thought escape his mind so he decided to gather another expedition on the island and moved westward towards the "El Rey Blanco" s territory. As they moved westward they encountered the Iguaçu Falls, Rio Parana and also what we would called now the city of Asuncion which was build 13 years after his arrival. In Asuncion He gathered some two thousands more Indians who was going to help him on his conquest of the Inca King "El Rey Blanco". With the Indians aid he was able to get across Paraguay. Paraguay had a semi desert region called Chaco. This region could be dangerous to cross if you didn't know the land. Fortunately the Indians were able to help him make it through the severe drought and hostile Indian tribes.

They continued going westward reaching the cordilleras of Peru, they came across the Indian tribe Chane and the the Chuquisaca which meant they were now in Bolivia. In Bolivia they gathered some valuable metals and also some slaves. Garcia then wrote a letter to his expedition that stayed behind the cost after the shipwreck that he was planning for more expedition and told them to get ready. Unfortunately Alejo Garcia and his mates were killed and devoured shortly after by his own allied Indians who were tempted by the riches that the future could bring. Only one person survived which was Garcia's son, a mestiso. When the expedition at the coast heard of this tragedy they became the main bate that convinced Sebastian Gaboto to take over the expedition.

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