Pedro Juan Caballero

He was born in Tobati, in 1785, his mom was Lucia Garcia and his father the commander Luis Caballero; He died because of the fatigue alter the success of a hard and decisive mission shortly before the battle of Tebicuary. The captain caballero had a superb presentation against Belgrano in Paraguari and Tebicuary. When it was eminent the opening of the revolutionary process, Pedro Juan Caballero assumed the leadership role for the patriots because of the absence of chiefs of higher ranks, Yegros and Cabañas.

In the night of the 14 of may the captain caballero occupied the Infantry barracks or the Plaza Barrack, also known as the barrack of the school, because it was right beside the Caroline school, finally called the Revolutionary barrack under Pedro Juan Caballero, at his command were bestowed on his order the spoils of the barracks of the Barrack of the Rivera and the artillery.

It was dawning the 15 of May, and with the Paraguayan Independence, offering of decision and bravery of the young captain and lieutenant. One shot of 21 cannons greeted the birth of the independent country.

Invovolved with the supposed conspiration of the 20´s was thrown into prison and he killed himself in his cell, it is said he wrote on his cell wall "I know well that suicide atemts against Gods law and that of men but the thirst of blood of the Tyrant of my land, wont be quenched with my blood.¨


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