Welcome to Project Paraguay. This site was created by Asuncion Christian Academy's Latin American Studies class. While teaching this course, professor Babur Asad figured that the best way for the students to learn about Paraguay would be to create the largest English language resource on Paraguay available on the web. Created during the months of April, May and June of 2006, the site also received collaboration from Emily Asad's English class, thus adding more content to the website.

Unfortunately, the site was never completed. Asad had little time or resources to dedicate to the site, and the Senior class rushed through and produced as much as they could in a very limited window of time. Even so, much was accomplished, as is exemplified in the Biography section, or the 20 chapter History section.

Our hope and desire is for the site to keep growing as the years go by. For now, we hope that this site will provide information to researchers, students, teachers and just lovers of this great nation in the heart of Paraguay.

- Babur Asad (May 2006, revised March 2007)

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